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FR8Star, the first online marketplace for heavy haul trucking, hired me to bring their feature roadmap to life and provide a consistent user experience.

How do you make it easy for someone shipping super-sized freight to connect with the right specialized carrier to get their load delivered on-budget and on-time? With curiosity and passion for the details.

Role: Product Designer

Platform: Web



When they came to us, the team at ExoWear demonstrated their medical wearable sensor and explained its potential to improve the lives of patients undergoing physical therapy for knee problems. They had questions like, "What data do physical therapists want from the sensor?" and "How will they use it to support patients?"

Our challenge was to conduct research, design an interface for physical therapists, and validate the concept. ExoWear was just two months out from their beta clinical test so we got right to work on what turned out to be a much bigger project than anyone expected.

Role: UX designer

Platform: iOS app, web app



What have you heard about artificial intelligence? How does it impact your view of an app or service when you know it's using machine learning?

Our client, a data scientist and engineer, brought these questions to us during our initial meeting. His team was building a machine learning-powered artificial intelligence to help users get personalized event recommendations.

He wanted us to design an interface that would deliver the benefits of the Livy platform to users while highlighting its unique technology. What we learned from our user research took the project in a surprising direction.

Role: UX designer

Platform: iOS app


Tartan Home

Growing pains are still evident in the wake of smart technology's rise. You can see this clearly in its companion software. It is usually developed by device makers and meets only a sliver of users' overall needs.

Our team at DESIGNATION designed an exploratory app to better integrate smart home technology. The first step in our process was to figure out who we were designing for–and what problem we could solve.

This project showcased how user testing yields rewards even in the final stages of the design process.

Role: UX/UI designer

Platform: iOS app


RAFT botanical syrups

Have you ever had a wild idea that took root and became something entirely its own? That's what happened with RAFT. We wanted to find more ways to bring the flavor of real botanicals into daily beverages. But we didn't know where to begin. Bitters? Bottled drinks?

A fair number of focus groups (aka: parties) and rogue Whole Foods consumer tests later, we launched a line of premium cocktail and soda syrups.

Role: Co-founder; primarily responsible for branding, content strategy, communication design, and sales

Form factor: Botanicals and cane sugar in glass