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ux designer

UX UI IXD | San Francisco Bay Area


ux designer

UX UI IXD | San Francisco Bay Area


There's so much at stake.

For digital products and services, crafting an experience that clicks with users is mission critical. I view UX research and design as a core competency for businesses who want to align products with users and deliver real value.

As a product designer at an open-deck freight platform startup, I led design from requirements gathering to implementation. As a senior interaction designer at Huge I bridge content strategy, copy, visual design and development with UX-focused workshops, research, wireframing, and prototyping.

I look for opportunities to bring users into my design process. I cold call, attend conferences, arrange site visits, and design surveys that give me an opportunity to see things from their perspective. From paper to Sketch the user stays front and center in every screen and flow I design.


How I got here



Used listening and inquiry to help hundreds of clients define and achieve academic and career goals.


FINANCial services professional

Analyzed data to inform and evaluate decisions. Fostered client relationships.



Launched a line of premium cocktail and soda syrups, grew the brand, and sold it in 2016 to focus on experience design.



I'm a senior interaction designer at Huge Oakland. Also: product design and UX research for a transportation startup, a medical wearable device startup and an AI event recommendation startup.


Outside of work

You might find me reading about new technologies, or making cocktails for friends after a hike.

What are you working on? I'd love to hear about it at or LinkedIn.