There's so much at stake.

When creating digital products and services, missteps are expensive. I view UX research and design as an opportunity to mitigate these risks by aligning products with users.

I learned the value of user centered design as co-founder of RAFT Syrups, a cocktail ingredient company. Before we made a single product we conducted research to understand who our customers would be and what would best serve them. Our commitment to user centered design led to a successful launch and put us on a path to growth.

After selling the business I moved from Portland to Chicago to learn and practice UX design for the digital world at DESIGNATION. Now I bring my background in psychology and business to omnichannel design including web, mobile, and customer experience.


How I got here



Used listening and inquiry to help hundreds of clients define and achieve academic and career goals.


FINANCial services professional

Analyzed data to inform and evaluate decisions. Fostered client relationships.



Launched a line of premium cocktail and soda syrups, grew the brand, and sold it in 2016 to focus on experience design.



Moved to Chicago where I attended DESIGNATION, the most rigorous UX design bootcamp in the country, and worked with two startup companies.


Outside of work

You might find me reading about mixed reality, heading out of the city for a hike, or making cocktails for friends.

What are you working on? I'd love to hear about it at or via LinkedIn.